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About us
About us

Founder Joetta Raylots is from Central Florida and created Basket Brigade in 1997 after hearing a story at a Tony Robbins event. Mr. Robbins shared that when he was a small boy, his family was struggling and a stranger showed up at their doorstep with a basket of food.

Ms. Raylots made a decision to do the same for families in Central Florida and now each year over 6000 baskets are delivered the same Saturday every year. Families, businesses, social groups, Mom groups, Red Hat ladies, Girl Scouts, local sports teams etc., show up each year to make a difference  for families.

Because the families do not know we are coming, the beautiful decorated baskets are presented like a gift.

In each basket there is a note that says, “this is a gift from someone that cares about you, all we ask is that you take good care of yourself, and do this for someone else, some day.”

The notion is that one small act of kindness will change an individual to be a better person, better mother or father, sister or brother, husband or wife.

The difference in Basket Brigade Florida is that we do our best to be like ‘secret Santa’ for Thanksgiving, giving hope and showing up as a friend feeding a friend.

If you would like more information on Basket Brigade Florida, or to speak to the founder, please feel free to email: